Eighty-mmm-case to DapperinDeed (Pt 2): Brilliant! Until it wasn’t.

It was time to move forward.  And by move forward I mean their lunch sessions went from drinking bourbon to 18 year old scotch… that’s serious stuff.  They needed the company to align with the 3 foundational pillars I wrote about here.  It was time to solve those problems in a sustainable way.

Men are simple creatures.  Food, sex and sports make their world go around.  Thus, inevitably their business model was found in food.  Bert and Mike were inspired by the omakase dining experience found at high end sushi restaurants.  Omakase means “to entrust” or “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best.”  The next time you go to a nice sushi restaurant, push aside the menu and say “omakase.” You just told the chef “I trust you.”  He’ll get to work preparing whatever is freshest, his signature dishes and usually throws in a surprise or two along the way.  You don’t need to order anything.  Just sit back and enjoy a white glove service.  It’s the ultimate dining experience because it moves the burden of choice away from the novice and to the expert.  They decided to bring this amazing experience to men’s fashion.  Their clients, they concluded, would have a personal stylist and tailor create custom looks twice per quarter.  No need to follow fashion trends and no more confusing fits.  The client just needs to trust his stylist and tailor to make clothes that are on trend and fit perfectly.

The basic outline was set.  It would be 3 simple steps.  First, clients would complete a style profile so the stylist would know who the clothes were for and why they needed it.   Second, they would complete a quick sizing algorithm so the tailor can create a perfect fit.  Third, the client needs to pop the top off a bottle of Pliny the Elder and watch the ball game because he’s done!  Stylist curated, perfectly fitting clothes would be delivered 8 times per year, twice per quarter.  And it was all done without needing to think about it.  8/omakase is what they would call it.  8 packages with an Omakase fashion experience.  8/omakase… “Brilliant” they thought…

They thought wrong.